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Three games, three victories. The inexperienced team of national ice hockey coach Söderholm also impressed at the end of the German Cup. Many prospective players recommend more.

The national ice hockey team is confident about the future. National coach Toni Söderholm’s inexperienced C team even with a number of promising players managed to defend the title in the Deutschland Cup.

Finally, the team of the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) beat Slovakia, the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games, in Krefeld with a score of 3:0 (1:0, 1:0, 1:0). “I’m very, very proud of how the boys got here. It was a really well-deserved victory in the tournament,” Soderholm said.

Tim Wohlgemuth (7th minute) Adler Mannheim and Tobias Eder (31st) super-charged goals from Dusseldorfer Stadium and a shot into an empty net for Slovakia. Nuremberg Tim Fleischer (60th) took a perfect 9th victory in the traditional domestic Four Nations tournament.

After victories against Denmark (3-2 after extra time) on Thursday and Austria (3-0) on Saturday, a draw after regular time against a young Slovakian team would have been enough. But the newly assembled DEB squad were rewarded for a dedicated and passionate performance on Sunday.

“It’s amazing. We had a young team here and everyone did a great job. Everyone was playing for everyone,” admitted Kölner Haie’s outstanding goalkeeper Mirko Pantkovski, who replaced Dustin Stralmeier (Wolfsburg) this time. .

Those in charge are disappointed with the audience

The tournament was held in Krefeld for the last time this year. After five years in Lower Rhine, DEB is moving to another city next year with its home tournament. “The innovation effect is gone. We want to go somewhere else,” said DEB President Peter Merten.

DEB officials were once again disappointed with the number of viewers this year. Germany’s three games drew a total of around 8,000 visitors. Even the background of 1,000 spectators on Thursday was thought provoking above all. The number of visitors increased on weekends. After 3,310 spectators on Saturday, there were 3,854 at the end on Sunday.

Even without former German player of the tournament, Swiss SCL Langnau captain Marc Michaelis, they saw off a convincing German team. “We really have a lot of depth in the national team,” Pantkowski said of the many options Söderholm has offered in terms of preparing for next year’s World Cup. “We just need width in the team, and the width is slowly coming,” said the national coach.

DEB is “really confident in sports”.

The 44-year-old Finn deliberately did it without a number of regulars. Returners Dominik Bock (Frankfurt) or Maximilian Kammerer (Cologne) got another chance. However, both of them played freely. Bock, currently the third top DEL scorer, produced his best display on Sunday with his assist before the Germans’ second goal.

However, some of the players on trial at the German Cup should stand a good chance of taking part in next May’s World Cup in Finland and Latvia. “We are really confident in sports,” said DEB Vice President Andreas Niederberger, who is responsible for sports, about the outlook for the coming years.

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