Word Pirate Encounter: #06. Jenny Mensing, swimmer

In a new episode of the podcast, swimmer Jenny Mensing talks about her path to competitive sports, the importance of swimming lessons, and the end of her career.

Jenny Mensing is an 18-time swimming champion, her main event is the 200m backstroke.  © Martin Soon

Jenny Mensing is an 18-time German swimming champion, her main event is the 200m backstroke.
(© Martin Soon)

Wiesbaden – Jenny Mensing prepares her seahorse as a small Stepke, swims at BSV Medizin Marzahn and later goes to a sports school. Almost 20 years ago he started swimming in Wiesbaden, where he joined Wiesbaden 1911 e. V. finds a sports house and soon sets records and collects medals. In the podcast, he talks about the highs and lows of his athletic career, why kids should definitely learn to swim, and how he feels about the fact that his active time will end in the winter.

You can listen to the current episode of Wortpiratin meets here.

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