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Wisloch. (hds) It was a thick file that Florian Litzmann, member of the local council of Schathausen, handed over to Mayor Dirk Elkemann at the town hall. Contents: 559 signatures, all in favor of renovating Schathausen and thus preserving the teaching pool. Over the past few months, the GTRS, the local Christian Democrats and the swimming department of TSG Wiesloch have collected signatures to draw attention to abuse in the training pool.

“Urgent repairs are needed, the edge of the pool is leaking, and we want to give the kids a long-term opportunity to learn to swim,” Litzman emphasized. It is the city’s job to take care of the condition of the training pool. In July of this year, a demonstration was held in Schathausen to draw attention to abuses. “We also started the signature collection there. And we continued this during various events,” said Litzman.

The city was approached with an application two years ago, and it was repeated in April. “Unfortunately, without success,” laments Litzman. Therefore, the collection of signatures was started in order to increase the pressure on the bodies of the municipality.

“We have been active with GTRS in Schathausen for almost 30 years now. Of course, we love the pool a lot, and it is indispensable for our work,” explained GTRS spokesperson Nadya Bartos. The association has about 250 members and a functional pool is needed for meaningful work. “We need a signal from the city to raise funds,” he added. As soon as this is there, you want to approach the foundations.

As the operator of the education fund, the city can set up a donation account, for example. Bartos promised that the members will act themselves when there is work. “We’ve already painted some areas of the pool ourselves,” added one GTRS member. The repair progress in 2012

Elkeman was impressed by the large number of signatures. “We have applied for financing and we need it very much,” he emphasized. It will be decided in the Budget Committee of the Bundestag. “There will be

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