Why is Rain so important? – Explain to me

The Rhine is a long river that flows from Switzerland to the Netherlands to the North Sea. It has been important to humans since ancient times. Above all, the Rhine is used as a waterway.

It sounds strange at first because cars can’t drive on water. But just as cars travel on the right roads, so do ships navigate the Rhine. Because the Rhine is long and wide, captains can reach different cities and countries with their large ships and take food there, for example. There is no other river in Europe that is used so much. The Rhine is also important because it provides drinking water for about 30 million people. There are 24 hydroelectric power plants operating along the entire length of the river, which produce a large amount of electricity.

In Baden, whoever crosses the Rhine in the west ends up in France, and whoever crosses the Rhine in the south ends up in Switzerland. Therefore, the Rhine is often a visible border between countries. You can also do great things on the Rhine like rowing, sailing and fishing. However, swimming in the Rhine is very dangerous. In addition, the Rhine is home to millions of fish, mussels and crustaceans. This is due to the fact that the quality of water is constantly improving. But still not everything is perfect. Because large dams often obstruct fish, more so-called fish ladders are needed so that fish can safely swim past the obstruction.

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