We learn to swim in the forest pool. Dalen Pensioners runs swimming lessons for preschoolers

The retired sports teacher teaches pre-school children to swim on a voluntary basis in Schmannwitz, North Saxony. Toddlers’ hand movements are already working in the forest pool on the first day of swim camp. Here, eight preschoolers learn to swim from a tanned woman with dark hair and a black bikini. Anne Schlechter has left her school days behind, and when she retires, she finally finds time for extra swimming lessons, she says. “If you do it as a hobby and that’s all, it can work.”

Grandma’s swim lesson quickly becomes a topic of conversation at the day care center

But along with her activities in the dance and volleyball group, she continues to lose sight of swimming, says the sports lady, “Now that I am a grandmother, I have taught my grandchildren to swim and also organized such small swimming camps. “.

It quickly became a hit at her grandchildren’s daycare, causing the parents of other daycare kids to prick up their ears. Many parents are lucky to find private swimming lessons only because the waiting lists at municipal pools are long. In addition, swimming lessons for families in rural areas often involve long distances.

He is not used to water. children do not dare to enter shallow water

During swimming lessons, the swimming teacher sometimes meets six-year-old children who do not dare to enter the shallow water. Children are not used to water later. “It’s often related to family circumstances, sometimes financial, if there are no outdoor pools nearby, and indoor pools are more expensive,” explains Schlechter.

For some families, swimming pools are simply not affordable, says the still active lifeguard. Parents may have other priorities than teaching their children to swim.

Learn to swim safely with swimming rules and multiplication tables

Anne Schlechter organizes the course for three hours every day. He teaches preschool children the ten rules of bathing and the basics of swimming in a week, explains the pensioner.

Children must first get a feel for the water and understand that they won’t be going in there right away.

Ann Bader
Volunteer swim coach and retired PE teacher

In addition, children would learn that sometimes running water can splash;

The first badges. kids master the seahorse from the first try

The volunteer swimming instructor retired only in April of this year. Nevertheless, he accepted the honorary position without hesitation, and that with the first small successes and badges. In the previous swimming lessons this summer, three of almost 20 children managed to get the early swimming badge immediately; they may call themselves “seahorses” and wear little sea creatures in swimsuits, bikinis, or swimsuits.

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