Warriors star warns Celtics

The Warriors star issued a warning to the Boston Celtics ahead of Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Meanwhile, Draymond Green does not believe that there will be many adjustments in future games. Stephen Curry received a lot of praise from his direct competitor. You can find all about the final here.

NBA Finals. Draymond Green doesn’t expect any changes

Draymond Green believes the Warriors and Celtics know each other well enough that there won’t be many tactical changes as the series moves forward. “When you get to this point in the season, you can’t make a lot of changes,” the veteran said the day before Game 5 (live at 3 p.m.). DAZN:)

The Celtics know who the Warriors are, but the other way around. “We’re not reinventing the wheel anymore, the board isn’t changing, neither is the staff. You have to understand that and make the most of your opportunities.”

On the other hand, Grant Williams still sees a lot of room for improvement in his team. “. This has been the big difference so far, even if the series is balanced. “We can still improve in that regard.”

In the Game 4 loss, the Celtics committed 16 turnovers, which Golden State turned into 19 straight points (but Boston also used the Warriors’ turnovers for 17 points). Boston has won just one of seven playoff games in which it has allowed at least 15 turnovers. “I have to play better. My team and I are not asking me to do the impossible. I know what level I can reach,” Jayson Tatum summed it up immediately after the game. In Game 4, he needed 23 shots for his 23 rebounds and dipped, especially in the second half.

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