Visitors relax with Music in the Sole

People stand in a salt bath pool.
Here’s how In the Sole runs in the saltwater pool © Marion Schnier

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Cleaning and maintenance work at Werner Solebad was completed over the past few days and the pool was able to reopen its doors on Saturday (November 12). The start was already at 7 in the morning.

Vernay swimming pool is closed since mid-October. Work has been carried out regularly. The pool was even closed for four weeks to save energy. The two life-size stone figures are finally back and, after being reworked, once again grace the outdoor area by the saltwater pool.

After dark on the first day, it was time to relax and enjoy the saltwater pool. The water was lit up with changing colors. Due to the cold temperature outside, mists formed which reproduced a beautiful cozy atmosphere with colors. In addition, Werner saxophonist Michael Gick played and enchanted the guests with different styles of music.

Jazz and pop like Duke Ellington’s “Summertime” or Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” as well as current chart hits; swimmers could enjoy the musician’s saxophone sounds for 90 minutes. This time he received the applause of his audience with wet hands.

“Today is like a vacation, I’m really enjoying it,” said Werner, who otherwise also visits the pool regularly. “I’ve been here for hours,” exclaimed a young woman. “I have a book with me and I’m reading in the lounge.” In the West, I enter the water again and again. But there are also many acquaintances here, you meet and communicate a bit, it’s really nice.”

Tim Becker came from Lunen to enjoy the evening here with his girlfriend. “We’ve eaten here before, which was really good, and now we’re planning to stay until 9pm, swim in the warm water and enjoy,” he laughed.

Next issue on December 8th

“Michael Gick has been a frequent visitor to our events,” said Kyra Schaeper, Saltwater Pool’s events manager. “Last year he was just playing music on his saxophone. We always choose artists from the area. It should be thoughtful and relaxing for our guests.”

On December 8 (Thursday) from 17:30 to 19:00, the next event in the “Music in Singles” series will take place. Everyone can look forward to the singer Andrea Maria Schroeter. After a two-year break, there will probably be a New Year’s swim. Plans are underway. “The people of Werner have missed this day here in recent years,” says Shaper.

People swim in illuminated saltwater pools.
Beautiful environment. the saltwater bath was bathed in bright colors. © Marion Schnier
Michael Geek is standing on the edge of the pool playing his saxophone.
Michael Gick played the saxophone. © Marion Schnier

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