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Status: 07/12/2022 10:10

Thousands of children in Hamburg have to wait for swimming lessons. Therefore, DLRG requires swimming lessons at day care centers.

If you are looking for swimming lessons for your child in Hamburg, you need a lot of patience. The Baederland website currently lists courses through early December, but they are all fully booked. Baderland, however, notes that new courses are offered regularly. Due to the lack of staff, intensive courses are not held during the summer holidays.

Getting used to water in kindergarten

Only half of Hamburg’s children can swim by the end of elementary school, says Heiko Mahlmann, president of Hamburg’s DLRG. The number of non-swimmers is especially high in the socially disadvantaged parts of the city. Mehlman calls for first water recognition courses in day care centers and appropriate training for educators. In addition, swimming lessons at school should be extended from one to two years.

There are fears of more swimming accidents

For the summer, Melman fears more swimming accidents. Everyone knows the current cases of drowning in Allermöhe and Teufelsbrück. On the other hand, hardly anyone notices near accidents. Just recently, the DLRG pulled three young women out of the water at the Hohendeicher See just in time. Mahlman warns that if children don’t learn to swim in a beach town, it could cost them their lives.

Additional information

A boy is swimming.  © photo alliance/dpa |  Matthias Balk Photo: Matthias Balk

There are few swimming lessons in Hamburg. The waiting time for children at DLRG is up to two years. Some parents are now trying their hand at swimming coaches. (07/11/2022) more

Kids at DLRG swimming class.  (File image) © picture alliance / Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa Photo by Rolf Vennenbernd

Due to the coronavirus, there have been almost no swimming lessons in Hamburg in recent years. There is a shortage of personnel for make-up appointments. (06/28/2022) more

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