Tom Brady – Who is the superstar of the Munich Arena?

Toothpaste smile, born in California and incredibly successful. Tom Brady combines everything that a true American superstar needs. When on Sunday at 15.30 (listen to the NFL game: Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Seattle Seahawks live with BR sports journalist Tawfiq Khalil) the American football league NFL is a guest for the first time in an official league game in Germany, then in Munich. audience to see the biggest star American football has ever had.

For 20 years, Tom Brady has dominated the sport with the most fans in the United States. Seven championships, five awards as the best player of the final, countless other medals and individual awards. The quarterback is the epitome of a sports legend. No player in the NFL has thrown more passes than him, no one has thrown the football to his teammates more often, no one has thrown more touchdown passes, no one has ever thrown a longer pass than him (99 yards).

Tom Brady. From flawless to superstar

At first, no one thought that young Brady would have such a career. When he signed for the NFL draft in 2000, a little underwhelmed and without top college recommendations, no one really wanted him on their team. Pro football seemed too big for Brady.

198 players were selected before the New England Patriots, at the request of one of their quarterback coaches, gave Brady a chance. It has to be the best decision in the history of the club. In the same year, Bill Belichick was hired as a coach. The connection between the structure and the trainer should work perfectly for 20 years.

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