The young man drowned while swimming in Atersi lake

The police, the Red Cross, the fire brigade and the water rescue teams were at work on Tuesday afternoon in the municipality of Attersee (Vocklabruck district). Emergency services were called at around 3pm after a young asylum seeker broke into Aterzeum. The 26-year-old man entered the water from the bathing place near the hotel to reach the boat which is about 30 meters away.

His two friends, also Syrians, were waiting on the shore and were supposed to watch the accident. Swimming back to the shore, the 26-year-old suddenly panicked, screamed for help, went under and never appeared again. His friends could not help him because they did not know how to swim. An attentive resident activated the rescue chain.

While anxious divers from the fire brigade and lifeguards prepared for an underwater search, the ÖWR workboats Nußdorf, Unterach and Weyregg searched the area. In a boat, the motionless body could be spotted about ten meters from the shore, about five meters deep at the bottom of the lake.

The emergency services brought the 26-year-old man to the surface. Despite his speedy recovery, any help came too late for the young man. The emergency doctor was only able to determine his death, the water rescue service announced on Tuesday afternoon.

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