The Greens want more German bids for major sporting events

Olympic Stadium, via dts news agency

Berlin (German News Agency) – Greens head coach Omid Nuripour wants Germany to be used more often as a venue for major sporting events. “If we don’t want the world championships and Olympic games to take place constantly in Beijing and Sochi, then we should also be ready to accept such events in our country,” he told Bild am Sonntag.

It is important that applications are “sustainable, both financially and environmentally”. Certain conditions should also be specified for the allocation of such measures. “The world should not only look at human rights when the tournament starts.” The organization of World Championships or Olympic Games should only be possible if the “minimum standards” are met.

“It also means that it’s good when democracies are making more of an effort to bring these events to the country.” Nuripour has mixed opinions about the ongoing World Cup. “Of course, I will also sit in front of the TV and keep my fingers crossed for our national team. However, I must make it absolutely clear. because of many complaints, this World Cup is not under a good star.”

Photo: Olympic Stadium, via dts news agency

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