The Celtics stars must have been pissed off by Dennis Schroeder

Dennis Schroeder’s time with the Boston Celtics didn’t go the way both sides envisioned. The German was traded during the season, also because his teammates resented him.

“At the time, they made him a promise of minutes and a role,” Jared Weiss said (The Athletic) on the podcast Please do not aggregate this by Jake Fisher (Bleacher Report:). Schroeder signed a one-year, $5.6 million contract in Boston before the season to give himself advice after going empty-handed in free agency.

In the end, things didn’t go as planned, after 49 games, the Celtics traded the Germany international for Daniel Theis to the Houston Rockets. During the season, the “Celtics” became the best team of the championship and only lost to the “Golden State Warriors” in the NBA Finals with a score of 2-4.

Schroeder then identified Boston as one of the weak points. “The problem with him wasn’t just that he was so dominant on the ball, it was his game speed and decision making,” Weiss revealed. Accordingly, he spoke to various players during the season who told him that some of them no longer raise their hands because they know they will never get the ball.

Dennis Schroeder. The game in New York as a turning point

But it was not only that, Schroeder’s constant delay in tempo caused a lack of understanding; does, and it drives him crazy.”

Coach Ime Udoka finally responded and reduced the German’s minutes before the trade. Weiss cited a game in early January as a sticking point when Boston led by as many as 25 points before completely collapsing in the fourth quarter. “Evan Fournier and RJ Barrett had wild drives, but Boston couldn’t hit anything in the fourth quarter. Tatum was always breaking down the defense, but Schroeder missed one three-pointer after another.”

Minutes were cut as a result, and a trade to Boston followed a good month later. Averaging just 29 minutes per game, the Braunschweig native averaged 14.4 points and 4.2 assists for the Celtics while shooting 44 percent from the field and 35 percent from three. Schroeder is currently without a team and has yet to make a franchise offer to the point guard.

Dennis Schroder’s NBA stats

the team games Points: FG (percentage) 3FG (percentage) makes a pass reflections
hawks 362 year 12:9 43.4: 32:00 4.8: 2.5:
Thunder 144: 17:00 44: 36.1: 4.1: 3.6:
Lakers 61: 15.4: 43.7: 33.5: 5.8: 3.5:
Celtics 49: 14.4: 44: 34.9: 4.2: 3.3:
rockets 15:00 10.9: 39.3: 32.8: 5.9: 3.3:

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