Team owner Buss announces new offensive after “suffering” season

Lakers owner Jenny Buss described the Los Angeles Lakers’ last season as “suffering” and “extremely disappointing,” among other things. Buss stated that he wants to reach the “Lakers standard” again next season.

“I’m getting impatient because we have the fourth-highest payroll in the league,” Bass said. Los Angeles Times. “When you spend that much money on the luxury tax, you expect a deep playoff run. It was unfortunate for me to go out like that and not get the results we were hoping for. I’m not happy. I’m not happy.”

The 60-year-old described last season, in which the traditional Hollywood franchise won just 33 games, lost 49 games and even missed out on the playoffs in eleventh place, as “excruciating”, “heartbreaking” and “extremely painful”. disappointing.”. He understands the “anger and frustration” of Lakers fans and has vowed to improve.

Buss emphasized that superstar LeBron James wanted to build a real contender for the title. LeBron and Anthony Davis are said to be the cornerstones. “There’s no reason I think we can’t win with them,” Bass said. “I learned from Phil Jackson that there is always a way to succeed.”

This Jackson, the former Lakers coach and Buss’ former life partner, appears to be like Kurt Rambis or NBA legend Magic Johnson in an advisory capacity. The latter left the franchise as team president in 2019 and lamented “betrayal”. But Bus emphasized. “The Lakers are important to him and he wants the Lakers to win. I trust him.” He also gets regular input from LeBron.

Lakers coaching search. eight to ten candidates.

Meanwhile, CEO Rob Pelinka continues to enjoy his full confidence. “When it comes to basketball decisions, I have complete confidence in our front office, which is led by Rob Pelinka. He’s very smart, thinks strategically and everything. He does for a reason. I’m sure he can put together a team and find a manager to get us back to where we belong.”

However, Bass is also ready to make “tough decisions” if LA doesn’t meet the “Lakers’ standard.” “Then I’ll look into everything,” said Buss. On the other hand, he was uncertain about Russell Westbrook’s future. “Such talk is out of date, first we need to find the right coach for this team.” As candidates, be vocal ESPN: Eight to ten coaches in the conversation, including Terry Stotts, Mark Jackson, Darwin Hamm and Adrian Griffin.

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