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Due to the coronavirus epidemic, thousands of children did not have swimming lessons. To continue, the DLRG is now on tour in Schleswig-Holstein.

Two years of coronavirus and almost no swimming lessons have left their mark. The Schleswig-Holstein state association of the German Life Saving Society (DLRG) estimates that 50,000 children in the state do not know how to swim.

To cope with the pent-up demand, DLRG staff are now on the road with a pool.

The rolling seahorse forge

This is a mobile home where two federal volunteers travel. It always goes to places where swimming lessons are understaffed and where help is most needed. At DLRG, the mobile is nicknamed the “rolling seahorse forge.”

Kids at DLRG swimming class.  (File image) © picture alliance / Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa Photo by Rolf Vennenbernd

AUDIO: Mobile swimming instructors in Schleswig-Holstein (1 minute)

Schools and pool operators can sign up

Three men stand in front of the DLRG floating mobile.  © NDR Photo: Sebastian Parzanni

Tour of Schleswig-Holstein. Pool of DLRG.

The swim mobile will start this Monday in Fokbeek near Rendsburg. Pool operators, DLRG groups or even schools can contact the DLRG state association directly and register their needs, says Felix Heymann, vice president of DLRG Schleswig-Holstein.

A matching pool is desirable but not a requirement, according to DLRG. If in doubt, the club will try to find a suitable pool nearby. The state financially supports such campaigns. it provided almost €400,000 to make up swimming lessons for children missing during the pandemic.

16.08.2022 12:18

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of the article stated that a matching pool was a prerequisite to using the pool. It’s not right. If in doubt, DLRG will search for a suitable pool in the area.

Additional information

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