Swimming pools in Stuttgart. there is hardly any possibility of a swimming lesson – Stuttgart

Learn to swim, but where? Courses and clubs are overcrowded. Photo: picture alliance / dpa / Jens B├╝ttner

Even before the coronavirus, 60 percent of fourth graders could not swim safely. The problem has worsened due to the epidemic. Now there is a danger of closing the bathrooms. A mother from Stuttgart reports what this means for her children.

Anger, despair, incomprehensibility. a little of all this sounds in the voice of a 42-year-old woman from Stuttgart-Weihingen when she talks about swimming lessons. Her two young children, ages ten and eight, would like to take swimming lessons. “Both have bronze, but only a little practice, but even more so the desire to swim,” says the mother. On August 4th, the swimming school in Stuttgart published the registration for its new courses at 18:00. The parents already on the waiting list were informed about this day. “At 18:00 I was on the main page. However, I could not register both children because the course was already fully booked when I entered all the registration details for the first child,” says the mother, who prefers to remain anonymous.

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