Swimming in Herenberg. The season ends on Sunday at the natural outdoor swimming pool in Böblingen

The 2022 natural outdoor pool season ended over the weekend. Photo: City of Herenberg

The hot summer brought many swimmers to the Herrenberg Natural Open Pool. Stadtwerke is pleased with the season.

The season at Herrenberg’s natural outdoor swimming pool ended at the weekend. And unlike many previous years, this time the season was pretty uneventful. Corona was not a big problem. And the pesky Pseudmonas aeruginosa bacteria, the so-called puddle bug, only once made you hold your breath and paralyze your outdoor pool for five days, right at the start of the season.

And so Stadtwerke Herrenberg can consistently create a positive balance sheet. weeks of sunshine and temperatures often above 30 degrees attracted many visitors to the natural outdoor pool. According to city utility data, there were nearly 74,000 swimmers between May and September. The pool had more than 1,000 visitors in 18 days. The record day was June 19, Sunday. At 33 degrees, 2,129 swimmers tried to cool off in Herrenberg’s natural pool.

Many student swim lessons

This year, many schools, not only from Herenberg, moved their swimming lessons to the natural open pool. The pool has seen more than 5,000 school children visit this season. For the first time, a tour of natural outdoor pool technology was offered to school classes, where a special type of chlorine-free water treatment was explained.

Utilities are particularly pleased with the smooth progress of this year. Since only opening in late May, the pool has had to cut back its opening hours by five days due to increased bacteria levels. “Apart from the initial short difficulties, there were no operational interruptions throughout the summer, the water quality was perfect even on hot days, with a record number of visitors, as demonstrated by close laboratory tests,” emphasizes Mayor Stefan Metzing.

The birth defect appears to have been overcome

Pseudomonias aeruginosa is one of the so-called natural outdoor pool birth defects that was discovered in 2015. Already in the first year, 23 closing days had to be set due to the bacteria. In August 2016, the season had to end prematurely. In 2017, a kind of general renovation took place, during which the heart of the pool, the Neptun filter, was replaced and installed with 1,800 tons of new granular material. In recent years, there have also always been short bathing breaks, when the water quality temporarily failed to meet the strict limit norms.

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