Sports reporter Andrea Kaiser. Ball attack during Mukoko’s interview – panorama

Andrea Kaiser was hit with a ball during an interview. Photo: imago/STAR MEDIA

During an interview with DFB player Yusufah Mukoko, journalist Andrea Kaiser was hit in the head with a ball. Now he explained the background of the incident.

Sports reporter Andrea Kaiser (40) in the service of the private broadcaster Sat.1 suffered a strange and painful incident on Friday evening during the match “Borussia”-“Borussia Dortmund” (4:2) in Mönchengladbach. During an interview with German football player Yusufa Mukoko (17), Kaiser was hit in the head with a ball. The BVB star grabs Kaiser and asks if everything is okay. The journalist professionally smiles at what happened and continues the interview.

The entire conversation can still be viewed on the Sat.1 website. In an interview with “Bild” newspaper, Kaiser explained the context of the action. Previously, “Gladbach” fans were given orange balls. “Even during the interview, people were calling me and Moukoko’s names. While I was asking a question, a heavy shot hit my left forehead.” As a result, his neck fell back. “Maybe I have a little whiplash. Got duct tape around my neck and still have a bit of a headache but I’m fine.”

Andrea Kaiser abstains from reporting

The shooter was caught in the files, the columnist continues, and his personal data was recorded. Kaiser continues. “I was advised to file a complaint. The guy probably wanted attention, meaning autographs and selfies, but then he apologized.” So you’re ad-free.

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