So that nine-year-old Benno from Postbauer-Heng can soon swim with dolphins – Neumarkt, Postbauer-Heng

– Nine-year-old severely disabled Benno wants nothing more than to swim with dolphins. Now money is being collected for dolphin therapy in Neumarkt.

There will be a charity event for Benno from the Postbauer-Hang at the Johannes Center in Neumarkt on Sunday, October 30 at 2:00 p.m. The nine-year-old boy is paralyzed from the waist down and has other health limitations.

The motto of the event is “Cowboy boots meets Haferlschua”. CSSR alias Country Sam & the Southern Roses will perform, along with Geli and Heinz, the voices of the original Oberpfälzer Spitzboum. Entry costs ten euros per person and is 100 percent donated.

Health insurance does not pay for dolphin therapy

“Get your boots, lederhosen and dirndls out of the closet and let’s make a boy’s biggest wish come true together,” writes organizer Lisa Elena Finger. For Benno, the dolphin therapy must be co-financed by the profits.

© Sandra Bauer

This will be possible in the Caribbean island of Curacao or in Miami, Florida, USA. The family expects great progress in his treatment, both physical and psychological. Because Benno is in a wheelchair. He can’t breathe on his own. However, health insurance does not pay for dolphin therapy. It should be funded by donations.

“The happiest boy I know”

Benno’s mother, Sandra Bauer, describes her son like this: That alone wouldn’t be a bad thing, but he’s taken a lot with him in his nine years. Before he was one year old, he had a stroke, from which he has not really recovered. In 2017, he had sepsis, from which he almost died. He then received a tracheostomy and has been ventilated ever since. He probably wouldn’t have lasted long otherwise. Despite all this, he is the happiest boy I know, hardly a day goes by without him laughing. It’s rare for him to be in a bad mood (I doubt that will change with puberty).

Anyone who wants to follow Benno’s fate can do so on his Facebook page under “Martik Benno”.

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