Shark attack. the sea beast misleads the swimmer. girlfriend needs to see everything

Shocking moment in California. A woman is attacked by a great white shark while swimming in the sea. Your friend witnesses a terrifying attack by a sea monster up close and sees the animal squirming mercilessly.

Another sea monster attacked a woman while she was swimming. It is especially terrible. your totally terrified friend had to watch the horror attack up close. John Edelbrock, chief of lifeguards in Del Mar, California, confirmed that the woman was attacked while swimming in the water near San Diego.

Shark attack on swimmer in Del Mar, California

He explained that the animal may have been a young white male shark may work, but the authorities are currently still waiting for expert confirmation. A lifeguard said the women were in danger when he spotted them in the water just after 10 a.m. Friday, according to the Daily Star.

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They were returning to shore after swimming more than a mile when their movements suddenly changed. The shark victim’s girlfriend began frantically waving her arms for help when she was still several hundred yards from the beach. A lifeguard eventually helped the women safely back to shore. After the incident, the beach was closed for 48 hours.

Smooth swimmer of sharks. right hip puncture and cut

According to the report, the victim received cut and puncture wounds on the right thigh, which received medical treatment in the hospital. It is said that the woman’s injuries were stitched up and she is now recovering well. Meanwhile, a few days later, a great white shark died nearby. It is not yet clear whether it is the attacked animal.

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