Russell Westbrook will leave the Los Angeles Lakers. A superstar breaks up with a consultant

Russell Westbrook and his advisor, Tad Fusher, are going their separate ways. As the agent stated in his statement, the reason for the separation is “irreconcilable differences”.

Fusher admitted in a statement ESPN: noted that Westbrook’s best option is to stay with the Los Angeles Lakers. An agent hinted that Westbrook is considering retiring from the Lakers. Pentagard picked up the player’s $47 million option before free agency.

According to Dan Voyck LA Times The 33-year-old has yet to request a trade. But that doesn’t mean he’s opposed to another scene change. Faucher has advised Westbrook throughout his career and has engineered a total of three trades for the guard, the most recent of which was last year, which brought Westbrook to the Lakers. According to Foucher, the playmaker must now accept a new role in head coach Darwin Hamm’s system, which is “the best option”.

Another trade would hurt Westbrook from Fusher’s perspective. “The market says the Lakers have to improve if they want to trade Russell. A trade like this would likely result in Russell being an immediate buyout. Such a move would reduce Russell’s value,” Foucher continued.

Lakers. Gene Bass comments on trade news

The 33-year-old had a poor season with the Lakers and was often cited as one of the reasons the Lakers unexpectedly missed the playoffs last year. The former OKC star played in 78 games, averaging 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds and 7.1 assists. But shooting rates of 44.4 percent from the field and 29.8 percent from three were poor.

That something else will happen to the Lakers is considered likely. A Western Conference executive told Sean Devine ( that the Californians are still looking to make changes to the roster, especially to appease LeBron James, who will become a free agent next year.

Owner Jenny Bass also didn’t want to rule anything out in an interview with Mark Medina ( “Nothing would surprise me,” Bass said when asked if the Lakers would make another major move. “But we will not change anything just for the sake of changing something, it should help us immediately and at the same time should not jeopardize our future.”

Russell Westbrook. His stats in the NBA

the team games MIN PTS: FG% 3P% REB: BRANCH:
Thunder 821 34.5: 23.0: 43.4: 30.8: 7.0: 8.4:
rockets 57: 35.9: 27.2: 47.2: 25.8: 7:9 7.0:
Wizards 65: 36.4: 22.2: 43.9: 31.5: 11:5 11:7
Lakers 78: 34.3: 18.5: 44.4: 29.8: 7.4: 7.1:

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