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Status: 07/25/2022 06:38 a.m

New draft swimming guidelines have caused an uproar among lifeguards in the North. You see quality compromised at the edge of the pool.

By Elske Biermann

For swimming champion Mario Scheffler, the project “Guide to Traffic Safety, Control and Organizational Responsibilities When Swimming in Public Pools” means one thing above all. Schaeffler is vice-president of the Federal German Swimming Champions Association (BDS) and president of the Lower Saxony State Association. For 36 years he was the swimming supervisor at the Wiefelstede outdoor swimming pool in the Amerland district. Among other things, he criticizes that in future the combined rescue exercise should replace the silver lifeguard badge as a qualification to compensate for the shortage of supervisory personnel.

Who still hires skilled workers when there are assistants?

And who will still hire a specialist when assistants work for less money, asks Scheffler. He defends himself against “temporaries” who “barely have experience, who can’t give swimming lessons, don’t know how to prevent violence, who can’t check the quality of the water, and in the worst case. to save”. An objection procedure has been initiated by BDS against the relevant project, Mario Scheffler supports it. Organizations like DLRG are urgently warning about the lack of lifeguards. The Bathing Committee of the German Bathing Society responded by recommending changes to training guidelines to counter the lifeguard shortage.

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The DLRG emergency phone is located at Murmerland Floating Lake.  © dpa Photo: Hauke-Christian Dittrich

One reason is the lack of lifeguard training hours as more and more pools have to be closed. (06/29/2022) more

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