Required swimming lessons. Many children need to learn to swim

Few people have been able to learn to swim in recent years. The pupils of the elementary classes of the Rhine-Erft district had the opportunity to make up for the lost swimming lessons during the holidays.

Rhine-Erft region (me). The district administration, in cooperation with the KreisSportBund Rhein-Erft (KSB), once again offered free intensive holiday courses for two weeks. The course was open to mostly 3rd and 4th grade students who had not previously earned a Seahorse or Bronze Junior Swimming Badge.

Thanks to the financial support of the district council, but also the support of municipalities and private pool operators who have provided water times and spaces, a total of 17 swimming lessons can be offered in eight towns in the district by 2022. In the second half of the Christmas holidays of 2021, as well as during the Easter, summer and autumn holidays, 180 children participated in swimming lessons, of which 102 students got the “sea horse”. At the end of their swimming course, 22 students even achieved the higher quality “German Youth Swimming Bronze Badge”.

“The deficit of children’s swimming, which has increased especially due to the epidemic, is difficult to fill. There was a lack of swimming even before the epidemic, but the epidemic made it worse. It’s even more important to continue our additional swim offerings and continue the campaign to get as many kids learning to swim as soon as possible,” said District Administrator Frank Rock.

In the coming year, swimming lessons for beginners will be offered again. The courses are held in small groups of 15 children under the professional guidance of two qualified trainers. Pre-schools provide information about swimming lessons. Places will be allocated upon receipt of registration and confirmation of the child’s non-swimability from the school.

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