Record numbers. 10,000 primary school children in Saxony do not know how to swim

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is looking for a solution

However, solutions are being worked on. The very specific answer given by the Ministry of Education to the problem of non-swimmers is: Referrals for additional courses outside of school. “With these vouchers, students can register for courses and still be able to swim there. for this, there will be vouchers for the 2020/2021 school year and that year, and the vouchers for that time will also be extended.”

Pattke sees a lot of goodwill here from the PE Teachers Association. However, the voucher regulation cannot be a real solution in any way. “We diffuse the responsibility. we give a check, the money is there, but everyone knows that there is only one money, but in the end the one who does it. water surfaces, which, yes, are not there, which is why any capture process at this point practically fails.”

The president of the PE teachers’ association talks about social failure

Parents now have to take care of swimming lessons or teach their children to swim on their own. For the president of the association of physical education teachers, this is a sign that we are dealing with a social failure. After all, it is supposed that “children are separated from their social home through school, and they all get the same conditions to acquire at least these basic skills for life”.

Two years after the coronavirus pandemic, children whose parents already have fewer resources are also at a disadvantage in learning to swim.

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