Radcross. National elite in Weihingen – local sport

If you want to finish the front, you not only have to be able to pedal correctly, but you also have to have good footwork. Photo: G├╝nter Bergman (archive)

Bundesliga points are at stake in Saturday’s traditional cycling cross at Krehlstra├če. Not everyone in the famous field of participants likes that it is supposed to be good weather.

Lots of sun, a few clouds, no rain, and all with mild temperatures. That’s what the weather forecast says. And in fact, such a forecast should make everyone who wants to do sports in these autumn days smile. Actually. “It cannot be said that this applies to all of us,” says Karl-Heinz Liebemann and laughs. In cycling, the clocks sometimes run a little differently, especially in skiing. Few professionals there like the exact opposite. they are only really in their element when Peter opens his floodgate, in the mud and with mud splattering around his nose.

But they will all have to take it as it comes this Saturday, including club boss Liebemann. With his RSV Stuttgart-Vaihingen, he once again invites the national elite of cyclocross riders to the starting line, the Vaihinger Radcross, a showcase of the best, as always in November. There are a total of eight competitions in the program. The highlights are the two elite races for women (14:00) and men (15:00), which take place as the seventh competitive event of the Bundesliga season. Part eight the next day in Magstadt.

The Hamburg Racing Team provides the favourites

This means that on the Vaihinger Krehlstrasse circuit, almost everything that enjoys prestige in the sport in Germany actually pedals. After all, it’s about ranking points that will ultimately decide the starting line-up for the German Championships in Munich in January. “Anyone who isn’t at the top of the rankings basically has no chance in practice,” says Liebeman. The list is currently topped by two players from the Hamburg-based Stevens Racing team, Marcel Meissen and Stephanie Paul. They are also considered favorites in the Fielder region. From his own club, Liebemann trusts veteran Ulrich Theobald to deliver the best result – “maybe a good middle ground”.

What’s the appeal? Why should you come to watch? Liebeman is enthusiastic. “The cross is fun, always exciting” – on the 2.6-kilometer road, the heroes rush past the audience several times. Admission is free for this, and this year, in favor of Weihingen, again without restrictions. Liebeman and his family struggled with the coronavirus last year. The set of rules related to the epidemic at the time cost many stakeholders. Not just on the side of the track, but on the track as well.

Hobbyists can also participate

The people of Vaihingen already received about 350 initial approvals on Thursday. “A large number. It shows the importance of our event,” says Liebeman. And there may be a few more. Late registrations are possible up to half an hour before the respective start, also with two offers for all, starting at 9am with the hobby race (from 16 years) and 9.45am for the children. (born in 2008 and younger) without a license.

The sun and a break in the rain should definitely be an advantage for the willingness to attend these classes. And Liebeman’s own take on weather forecasting is also clear. “It’s great, especially for our great team of assistants.”

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