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Around 100 children can complete their seahorse and bronze badge at Quickborn’s outdoor pool, which is actually indoor. Because many employees have been sick for a long time, the city had already finished the season on Wednesday.

By Tobias Senff

It remains so for the public, but at least a way has been found for children who are just learning to swim. Many courses can continue as a former Quickborn Outdoor Pool employee steps in.

DLRG. The decision is not entirely unexpected

All key employees are out longer due to illness, the city announced Tuesday. And for safety reasons, pool technology cannot be operated without specialists. After all, chemicals such as chlorine are used in swimming pools. In addition, there are liability issues. According to DLRG Quickborn, this decision was “not at all unexpected, but surprising.”

“Children’s hard training should pay off.”

Opening hours are limited from the start of the season due to staffing issues. Nevertheless, 17 swimming courses were able to start with about 240 participants. The DLRG team wanted to find a quick solution, especially for the little ones. “It’s very important for children. They have been there since May and have been training hard. They come twice a week. It must not be forgotten that it was still really cold in May. They really did something,” says Ute Klaffs. Head of Training Division, DLRG. During the crisis meeting held on Tuesday evening, alternative options were discussed. At nearby outdoor pools, people were asked if the children could continue their course there and take their exam. And then came the brilliant idea.

Resume in outdoor pool on Monday

A trained spa operator was contacted by a DLRG member, and this woman also directly signaled that she supported the idea and was willing to give up her free time. He used to work at Quickborn Pool, said DLRG spokesman Dirk Mohrdik. Accordingly, he is paid for his shares by the city. After discussions with the deputy mayor, head of the department and the employee, all open questions have now been clarified. According to DLRG, it should start again next Monday. All course participants will be notified.

Return for subscriptions?

However, one question remains to be clarified. In the last few months, many people have used the outdoor pool with a subscription. Adults paid 90 euros for it. The municipality has therefore received several inquiries as to whether there will be pro rata compensation. The message briefly states: “The decision on reimbursement of fees is made by the political committees of the city of Quickborn.” Then you should be notified as soon as possible.

Additional information

Ladder in an outdoor pool in an outdoor pool © Colorbox Photo: nito

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