Nördlingen. CSU parliamentary group. No new debts for the sauna area

The Nördlinger General and Finance Committee is again discussing the supplementary budget. The CSU requires the sub-items indoor swimming pool and sauna to be voted separately.

The CSU City Council faction of the Noerdlinger City Council requests that the indoor pool and sauna sub-items be voted on separately for the Supplemental Budget agenda item at the next General and Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday, November 14th. The group justifies its regulation as follows. “At the moment, there are two main trends in the city council. one group wants to build the indoor pool and sauna in one step, and the other group wants to build the indoor pool first.” Due to the importance of the project and its financial impact on the city of Nordlingen, the CSU parliamentary group considers it appropriate to give the city council the possibility of a differentiated vote.

The CSU faction wants a sauna-free space for now

The Christian Socialists continue to insist that they only vote to fund the indoor pool and reject the sauna. The political situation has changed a lot in recent months. “The war in Ukraine added to the already difficult crisis of the coronavirus. Skyrocketing prices, supply bottlenecks and a looming recession are weighing on the project. Assessing the impacts on both the city’s future revenue situation and future development of the city. The costs of the project itself are almost impossible,” the statement said.

The additional costs of the current costings, which amount to around seven million euros for the whole project, are very high. In particular, the increase in the cost of the sauna from around 3.5 million to almost six million euros is not justified for CSU. “The indoor swimming pool should give the population an opportunity to learn and deepen swimming. We have an indoor swimming pool as a training facility for schools and especially the swimming club. Municipality, we have a certain obligation to create an appropriate offer, we need and want to fulfill this responsibility, this does not apply to the sauna.”

For CSU, the sauna is a recreational service only

A sauna is much more of a purely voluntary service for leisure. Against the already mentioned current background, the parliamentary group does not want to take additional debts in the city budget or even increase property taxes and trade taxes.

The annual deficit of more than 400,000 euros for the sauna should also be taken into account. This amount is a heavy burden on the future budgets of the city of Nordlingen. It is noteworthy that this high deficit occurs even though the entrance fee to the sauna is expected to be 15 euros per person. According to CSU, the costs of re-planning the bathroom without the sauna would initially be around €280,000. Planning costs invested in a sauna are not wasted because planning can be done later.

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