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Before the renovation of Mutlantis. no other pool offered swimming lessons

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The Mutlantis indoor swimming pool will be renovated from November, and the renovation of the Heubacher Bad is planned to continue until the end of the year. Replacement sports facilities are de facto unavailable for local private swimming instructors and courses. The Gmünd swimming club fears the “next lost class”.

Thursday, September 15, 2022
Benjamin Richter
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The partial renovation of the Mutlantis indoor swimming pool on Mutlanger Feldstraße, which has been planned for a long time, should start during the autumn holidays. Until then, cold water is reserved for the community’s school classrooms, as Mayor Stephanie Eswein explained in response to a question from the Rems newspaper. “Swimming lessons are focused,” he explains.

While all is well with school swimming, privately organized swimming lessons are being disrupted by closures due to construction. “I haven’t found a replacement,” reports Bianca Rees, who can no longer organize courses at Mutlantis and has long tried to find time at another indoor pool in the region, within a search radius from Durlangen to Alain. Without success.

“The Heubach is currently being renovated, and there is as little of the DLRG in Gschwend as there is in Gmünd, the swimming club,” says Rees. “Now I am taking a break for a year.”

This is doubly bittersweet for Heubacher because he is self-employed and relies on income from the courses. “I’m sitting on the coals,” emphasizes Rice, who imparts his knowledge in 30-40 courses in a “normal” year.

In the Rems newspaper of September 16, you can read about the waiting list at the Gmund Swimming Club, which now has several hundred names, how the energy crisis could affect the area and why eight and nine-year-olds are often no longer enthusiastic. about learning to swim.

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