Neuendorf. “I fully trust Hansi Flick.”

The world championship starts on November 20 in Qatar. The German national team is traditionally one of the favorites for the title. But after the last two disappointing tournaments, some less-than-attractive football at times and a change of manager after 15 years with Joachim Löw, the DFB team is difficult to judge.

German Football Association (DFB) president Bernd Neuendorf sees the men’s national team on the right track, not least thanks to a new coach. “The coaching staff is generally very competent, very qualified. And I think more importantly, the communication between the players and the coaching staff is good.”

Neuendorf about the World Cup. “I am very sure that we will go far.”

Last Thursday, Flick announced the squad for the World Cup in Qatar. Apart from the well-experienced regular squad, the national coach relied above all on young players. Just before the announcement, Neuendorf had dinner with Flick and also discussed Mats Hummels’ staff there, which did not appear in the normalized list of 26, but did not make an impact; from their point of view, that’s why I don’t get involved in these playful things.”

In the eyes of the DFB president, this final assessment is the task of the coaching team. “I’m not a football expert and I’m certainly not someone who sits in the stadium every week and watches the players like our coaching staff and the squad. scouts do.” It is more important for him to create conditions for playing a successful tournament. Of particular interest is whether the chemistry between the coaching staff and the team is right. “The team is untouchable. That is why I am very sure that we will go far,” said Neuendorf.

Neuendorf about Qatar. “We positioned ourselves early”

When asked about the lengthy debate over the human rights situation in the host country, the DFB president explained that the DFB had fulfilled its responsibility. said Neuendorf, referring to the national team and Amnesty International, Humans Rights Watch and human rights groups, as well as LGBTIQ groups, fans and the Qatari ambassador to the DFB’s invitation.

“We positioned ourselves very early. And I think we positioned ourselves right there. Now we have to see how the tournament starts in Qatar and hopefully we can continue talking later. It is important that we do not lose the thread. The conversation with FIFA, with the Qataris, destroys it, even if such statements are made,” Neuendorff said, referring to the statement of Qatar’s World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman, who described homosexuality as “mental damage” in a ZDF documentary. .

Neuendorf hopes for improvements by awarding the World Cup to Qatar

In Neuendorf’s eyes, the national players also fulfill their responsibility. These have “become much more political. They engage in social debates when they think they should raise their voices. it’s what’s happening around them. And not just what happens on the green lawn.”

Overall, he hopes that awarding the World Cup to Qatar will also have a positive impact for the future. that such debates, as we see now in Qatar, before and not after the award. That’s one thing awarding the World Cup to Qatar has done.”

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