Nets star Ben Simmons is defending himself against renewed Internet malice

After a video of an airball at a fan meeting once again caused a lot of ridicule online, Ben Simmons has now defended himself from the mischief. He is now used to having a thick skin in social networks.

“That taunt always finds me,” Simmons said ESPN: After the Brooklyn Nets’ 107-97 preseason win over Milwaukee. “And it doesn’t stop there. Sometimes I get really tired, but then I say: “Okay, I’m Ben Simmons. That’s what comes of being Ben Simmons right now.”

A few days ago, a video was shared on social networks, which was taken during a Nets fan event. It shows Simmons grabbing a ball on the court and throws an air ball. In recent years, his shooting problems, both from long range and from the penalty box, quickly spread scorn and derision.

“Ten other guys have thrown a few airballs as well, but of course people find one of my videos and try to make something out of it. According to the slogan, Ben can’t do it, Ben can’t do it,” he said. 26 years old. “Come on, do you really think I’m going to throw an airball every time I throw? It’s not right: You have to have thick skin, and I’ve learned that I can’t take everything personally. It’s just social. media”.

He hopes to rewrite history around him this coming season, Simmons said. The teammates and the Nets organization appear to be a good support. “They all support me, the coaching staff, the organization. It’s up to me to go out there and do my job. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are great to me, Royce O’Neal is phenomenal. I feel like I’m at home.”

The Australian sat out all of last season after initially feeling mentally unfit to play for the Sixers and back problems after his trade to the Nets prevented a return. In four seasons in the NBA, Simmons was a three-time All-Star and a two-time All-Defensive Team. He averaged 15.9 points, 8.1 rebounds and 7.7 assists per game on 56.0 percent shooting from the field, but only 59.7 percent from the free throw line; even in the preseason he had trouble from the line. His career record from the center is 5/34.

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