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The 77th NBA season kicks off Tuesday-Wednesday night (Germany time). At the very beginning there are two intermittent fights. The Boston Celtics host the Philadelphia 76ers, while the defending champion Golden State Warriors take on the LA Lakers. All information about the start of the NBA.

What’s New?

The 77th season of the NBA starts on Wednesday evening. The regular season ends after 82 games for each team on April 9, 2023, before the playoffs begin on April 15. One of the finals will take place on June 1.

Who are the favorites?

The Los Angeles Clippers name keeps popping up when it comes to title contenders. Their star player, Kawhi Leonard, who missed last season with a cruciate ligament injury, is back and could be decisive. Of course, the reigning champion Golden State Warriors are again among the closest favorites around alien Stephen Curry. Just like the Milwaukee Bucks with Giannis Antetokounmpo. It will be interesting to see if LeBron James, Dennis Schroeder and the Los Angeles Lakers can have a say in the championship.

What about the Germans?

Six Germans will play in the NBA next season. Dennis Schroeder in particular wants to make the playoffs with the Lakers and be tipped for a big contract. Maximilian Kleber will likely have the best chance for a deeper playoff run. He plays alongside MVP candidate Luka Doncic in the 2022 Dallas Mavericks semifinals. Child prodigy Franz Wagner will continue to gain experience alongside his brother Moritz with the Orlando Magic. Isaiah Hartenstein (New York Knicks) and Daniel Theis (Indiana Pacers) are also here. The latter is definitely still a candidate for change.

What’s in it for Dennis Schroeder?

In the best case, a new and long-term NBA contract. At least that should be his goal. After unsuccessful stints with the Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets in Los Angeles, he signed a contract for just one year and just $2.6 million. Schröder, who showed impressively in Europe, will need to convince the Lakers in his second attempt to actually land another big deal. Athletically, it’s definitely questionable whether the Lakers can go far in the playoffs.

Who will be the MVP?

One of the usual suspects. Doncic, Antetokounmpo and reigning champion Nikola Jokic (Denver Nuggets) are again the top contenders. Knowing that even Steph Curry would like to add a third to his two MVP awards. Clippers star Leonard and Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers are also worth mentioning here.

Who is this “alien”?

Victor Vembanyama. The man that everyone wants. The French super talent, only 18 years old, is likely to join the NBA in 2023. And already all the clubs are licking their fingers for the 2.21 meter giant of the French club Metropolitans 92, who is also technically outstanding. “In recent years, everyone has been called a unicorn, but he is more like an alien,” said LeBron James himself. Some teams at the bottom of the table will lose on purpose, and it is called “tanking” abroad, to have a better chance of Vembanyama in next year’s draft.

Where can I watch the NBA?

Streaming provider DAZN: shows 182 games in the regular season and all the games of the so-called play-in tournament. After that, there will be at least one match of each playoff matchup live. The broadcast of the final DAZN: then fill in. Meanwhile, fans can watch all games live with NBA League Pass. DAZN: costs €29.99 per month as a subscription.


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