NBA news. The Brooklyn Nets meet with the player after the loss

Nets coach Steve Nash criticized his players after a very bad game against the Indiana Pacers. Meanwhile, the team held a huddle immediately after the game, and Kevin Durant also found clear words for his speech.

“It was a disaster. What else to call it? I didn’t see the will, the greed or the cohesion needed to get stops and hits.” Nash’s message to his players after the 116-125 loss to the Pacers, their fifth loss in the sixth game of the season, was clear. it was too little. The start of Nash’s press conference was delayed, the locker room, which is usually opened for media representatives immediately after the end of the PK, was closed for a long time. Not a good sign.

“It should mean more to us. We need to dig deep within ourselves and ask ourselves what we want to achieve. Do we want to give up because it’s so hard early in the season? Or we want to build something.” Nash continued. Previous defeats have hit the team’s mentality hard, after there were positive signs before. Now it is necessary to eliminate the defects.

Indeed, there were many things the Nets desperately needed to improve upon when they swept the Pacers. Returning three players who have yet to find their roles in Seth Curry, Joe Harris and Markieff Morris. Accordingly, the offense was bumpy, with almost everything going through powerhouse Kyrie Irving (35, 13/22 FG), who nevertheless caused further concern by tweeting about a movie deemed anti-Semitic, and Kevin Durant (26). , 8 /20 FG, 1/5 3FG), who struggled with his shooting.

However, as Nash noted, the problems were significantly greater on defense. Against a team likely to be in the lottery and also without Myles Turner, allowed 125 points and 50 percent shooting (23/46). Brooklyn allowed 17 offensive rebounds, especially in the final quarter, and 19 fast break points. It’s a trend that was already seen in previous games. The 45.2 percent rebounding rate is the worst in the entire league, the defensive rating is the second worst (121.6).

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