NBA News, Los Angeles Lakers. GM talks trade news

Is Russell Westbrook still traded or not? “Los Angeles Lakers” general manager Rob Pelinka commented on speculations regarding Media Day. Meanwhile, LeBron James is looking forward to a “big” Westbrook year.

While Dennis Schroeder will miss the start of the Lakers’ practice, Westbrook will have to prove himself again right from the start after a weak preseason. While trading the former MVP in the summer of 2021 didn’t pay off for Los Angeles, Westbrook’s fit alongside James and Anthony Davis has so far been successful.

Now, Westbrook is looking to attack the Purple and Gold again. “Darwin (Hamm, Lakers coach, editor’s note) and I have been in touch since day one,” said the point guard, who stressed he’s open to any offer for a new head coach, even a bench role. “Whatever they tell me, they tell me. I’m just happy to be able to play the game I love.”

Coach Hamm, meanwhile, gushed about Westbrook, whom longtime rival Patrick Beverley called his “best friend” on the team (“If I’m going to call anybody that, it’s him. We spend a lot of time together”), and LeBron James sure also that the veteran can “absolutely” help the team. “I’m looking forward to a great year from him,” James said.

It is still not clear if Westbrook will really spend it all in Los Angeles. Trade speculation about the point guard has been swirling all summer. While GM Pelinka said Westbrook is “a big part of our team,” he said: “If we need to improve our team during the season, we will.”

“Let me be very clear. we have one of the greatest players of all time in lebron james, he is committed to us for the long term. Of course, we will do everything, including our project, to close deals. they help LeBron,” continued Pelinka. The Lakers still have two future first-round picks (2027 and 2029) to trade. So far, the franchise has reportedly been reluctant to offer both options in trade packs.

NBA. The most important dates for the 2021/22 season

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September 30 – October 14 preseason
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April 9 End of 2021/22 regular season
April 11-14 Play-In Tournament
April 15 The start of the NBA playoffs
June 1 The start of the NBA Finals

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