NBA News – Dennis Schroeder. “I can’t lose.”

Dennis Schröder is driven by ambition, the captain of the German basketball team “can’t lose. It’s gotten better over the years, but before, no matter what we played, basketball, table tennis, cards, I always had to win. Always,” Schroeder said in the current issue of 04/22 Sports Illustrated“I could only go home when I won.”

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From Thursday, the 28-year-old football player will compete with the national team in the European Championship. He is a key player in the team and needs to step up. For him, being in this position is due to his attitude. “To be successful in competitive sports, you have to have this winning mentality,” Schroeder said. He “brought her to where I am now.”

The son of a German father and a Gambian mother, Schröder also sees himself as a role model because of the color of his skin. “Without wanting to sound ridiculous. Of course, the name “Dennis Schroeder” makes you think of a white man with blue eyes, said the long-time NBA expert, “But I’ve never been denied anything.” And I think a lot. black boys started basketball because of me.”

Schroeder deliberately spends most of the summer in Germany. America is just “a bit shallower, more of a live-for-the-moment mentality.” On the other hand, “everything is calmer in Germany. That is why it is extremely important for me to be in Germany again and again. Just to relax. But overall it’s a great mix for me to live in both countries.”

He sometimes feels that he is not understood in his home country. “Many people in Germany do not know me and the American way of thinking. People look at me on Instagram and ask themselves: ‘What’s he posting over there?’, but at the same time, in the US, that’s what you’re being celebrated for.” Schroeder says: “Of course, I’m confident. I stand on the fact that I have achieved something. Whether it has something to do with arrogance, I don’t know.”

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