NBA. LeBron James wants to become a Las Vegas team and owner NBA news

LeBron James has again recommended the NBA expand to Las Vegas and wants to own the club himself if possible.

“I want to have a team here at some point. It will be great,” said the superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday (local time) after the test against the Phoenix Suns (115:119).

The four-time NBA champion directly appealed to commissioner Adam Silver. “Well, I want a team here, Adam. Thank you,” James said. He knows the league executive is now in Abu Dhabi, “but he probably reads every interview and transcript of NBA players.” From a legal point of view, a specialist can implement this program only after the end of his career.

The Lakers are still missing Schroeder

James had already expressed his desire to become the owner of an NBA team in Las Vegas in June. The 37-year-old player is already the co-owner of the English football club Liverpool FC and the Boston Red Sox baseball franchise. In addition to Las Vegas, Seattle is also being marketed as a potential new NBA venue. At this point, however, expansion beyond the current 30 teams is not an issue.

James had a game-high 23 points against Phoenix after the Lakers lost their second game of the season. Newcomer Dennis Schröder was absent again, the captain of the German national team stayed in Germany until the end due to lack of a visa.


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