NBA, Lakers News. Anthony Davis “doesn’t want to dig too deep a hole”.

After three defeats in the first three games, the Los Angeles Lakers are already under a lot of pressure. However, Anthony Davis said Tuesday not to focus too much on that.

“Of course, there is a certain urgency,” said the 29-year-old player after the team training. “You don’t want to dig too deep a hole. But we must remain stable. We can’t let them hold us back. Like winning twelve games in a row. We don’t want to get emotional either.”

Davis also emphasized that difficulties at the beginning can even bring the team good in the end. “We think it’s good for us,” Davis said. “We’re glad it’s happening in October and not March or April.”

The Lakers are the only team still winless along with Orlando (0-4) and Sacramento (0-3) with their next two games now on the road against the Nuggets and Timberwolves.

Lakers. Westbrook is questionable for the Nuggets game

As a beacon of hope, Davis referred to the strong defense so far that has them currently ranked third in the league. However, it remains to be seen whether this will remain sustainable. To date, opposing players have hit just 26.3 percent of their three-pointers against the Lakers, which is well below the league average and can make the numbers go away.

On the other hand, the Lakers themselves are also scoring next to nothing, and the 2020 champions currently have the worst offense in the NBA. “We’ve got to take better shots,” said Davis, who has hit just two of his 10 three-pointers so far.

So far, much of the trouble has focused on Russell Westbrook, who has had a rough start to the season. Head coach Darwin Hamm was asked Tuesday if he was considering changing the starting five. “Not today,” Ham said, though that decision might still be made for him.

Westbrook, who did not speak to reporters on Tuesday, is dealing with another hamstring issue. The Lakers called him “questionable” before the Nuggets game.

NBA. Lakers next games

Date / time: Opponents (Home/Home)
27.10 / 16:00 Nuggets (A)
29.10 / 14:00 Timberwolves (A)
31.10 / 2:00 Nuggets (H)
3.11 / 15.30 Pelicans (H)
5.11 / 15.30 Jazz (H)

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