NBA – Kanter. “The NBA is a group of cowards.”

Cologne (SID) – Non-club basketball player Enes Kanter Freedom has a hard time with the North American professional league NBA. “The NBA is a bunch of cowards,” the 30-year-old told the world on Sunday and went all out. Most players think for cowards.”

The center, whose contract with the “Houston Rockets” was terminated in February, is considered a rioter in the NBA. The Ankara-born Kanter, who has been a US citizen since last year, has long condemned the league’s billion-euro deal with China and criticized the country’s oppression and exploitation of Uyghurs.

Kanter is also battling American sporting goods company Nike. The company is “the biggest hypocritical company in the world” that talks about “fairness” and “also uses slave labor in China.” Likewise, Nike-sponsored athletes are “cowards and hypocrites.”

Kanter sees the fact that he publicly criticized China and supplier Nike as the reason for his dismissal in the spring. “A teammate approached me in the locker room and said: “You know this is going to be your last year in the NBA, right,” the 30-year-old said. However, he feels the support of many former teammates. While many “subtly” supported him, other players contacted him privately and urged him to continue.

Kanter, who, as a critic of Erdogan, is considered an enemy of the state in his country and, according to his own statement, receives “hundreds of death threats a day”, has plans. “Now I will probably sue. The NBA first, because they fired me just because I spoke my mind, and then I’m looking at options in Europe.”

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