Naked in the pool. Leipzig can follow Göttingen’s example ⋆ News from Leipzig.

Göttingen has shown the way. from the beginning of May, everyone is allowed to swim in semi-nude city pools. The Göttingen Sports Committee made such a decision after the incident that took place in August 2021. A 30-year-old non-binary man was ejected from the pool by lifeguards after swimming shirtless. With the “Same Breast for All” movement, a concerned person took action against this practice.

Göttingen’s new regulation is currently only applied on weekends and as a test until August, but Göttingen’s pool manager Andreas Grube explained in an interview with Spiegel that the test model is likely to continue and may be extended for a few more days. .

The Leipziger Zeitung (LZ) was informed about the current situation in Leipzig from Katja Gless, spokesperson for the Leipzig Water and Sports Pools. “

There are no complaints about the current handling, nor requests from swimmers for a basic half-naked rule. Therefore, no changes are planned in the bathing rules. As in most German cities, Leipzig’s bathhouse and bathing regulations state that you must wear “appropriate clothing.” How this rule is interpreted is left to the lifeguards.

According to the LZ survey, the factions of the democratic city council are also satisfied with the created situation. Neither the Leipzig Greens, nor the Left Party, nor the CDM or the SPD are aware of cases when FLINTA* people were banned from bathing half-naked.

LZ title page from July 2022. Issue: 29.07.2022 Photo: LZ

Everyone stands behind the current interpretation of bathing rules. “Throwing a person out of the pool because of this is, I think, completely exaggerated in our enlightened times,” says Jens Lehmann (CDU), for example, on the subject.

In the event of such an incident in Göttingen, according to their own statement, all parliamentary groups will work hard to clarify the Leipzig rules in the sense of “same breast for all”.

The city of Siegen in North Rhine-Westphalia was initially reluctant to let it go that far. As the incident in Göttingen showed, the situation could not be resolved quickly and amicably.

First, the CEO of Göttingen defended the behavior of the rescuers. it was supposed to protect against “sexually motivated and views of the opposite sex”.

In an interview with “Taz”, the person concerned stated that this follows the logic of blaming rape victims because they dressed “wrongly”.

That’s why the city of Siegen opened half-naked swimming in all pools for FLINTA* in mid-June. The previous swimming regulations stated that normal clothing should be worn in the pool. A new addition was the clause that this swimsuit should only fully cover the primary sexual characteristics.

Jakob Kamann, manager of the Volt faction in Siegen, told Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger. “With the change to the swimming regulations, it is also clearly regulated in the event of a dispute.” This is how you want to give FLINTA* people. safety. In addition, this is also a further step towards gender equality and the desexualization of the female body. Based on the responses to the LZ survey, it seems unlikely that the Leipzig City Council will also choose this preventive route.

“Half naked in the pool. Leipzig could follow Göttingen’s example” was first published on July 29, 2022 in the current print issue of the Leipziger Zeitung (LZ). Our LZ issue 104 can be found at wholesale markets and press shops, among other things, at retail outlets in this scene.

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