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Status: 04.11.2022 15:00

By Jörgpeter von Klarenau

What is that crazy bird? Penguin starts a consulting office, wants to have adventures and solve criminal cases. Finally, the first order comes. The museum is facing bankruptcy, but there are mysterious passages beneath the museum that lead to an underground jungle world. There’s a hidden treasure in there somewhere, but unfortunately, two mischievous thieves got away with it. A crazy race begins.

Here’s what Mikado’s editorial team says:

*** Typical British humor. The author sends his hero into new, strange situations. The fact that the penguin is always very energetic but never really sovereign (like he can’t swim) makes the whole thing so funny. The large line spacing and reader-friendly design (with lots of pictures in between) will delight first-time readers. Also ideal for reading aloud. ***

Mr. Penguin and the Lost Treasure

By Alex T Smith

Page number.
208 pages
Childish book
From the age of 8

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