More than four million visitors to outdoor pools

This year, more than 4.1 million people visited the outdoor swimming pools of the Baden-W├╝rttemberg public pool task force. “Despite the large number of visitors, there were no significant incidents, apart from a few places where young visitors messed with the staff,” Nejdet Mantar, chairman of the Reutlingen Baths Working Group, said on Monday. Two years after the limited operations of the coronavirus, “normal mode” became possible again.

The 26 members would not consider extending the outdoor pool season (from early May to mid-September) because of the energy crisis. To the chagrin and disgruntled guests, many bathing facilities have lowered the temperature in pools and outdoors to meet federal and state government requirements to save energy and avoid forced closures.

According to the statement, the working group regretted that the toilets do not have systemic significance from a political point of view. “This view should be reconsidered as soon as possible, as public swimming pools serve the public interest and are a cultural asset that must be preserved.” If the pools were closed, school and club swimming, swimming lessons and public swimming would no longer be possible. .

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