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A father from Brake has had a lot of trouble with Braker Brommy Bad. hidden costs, expired tickets and outdated payment methods; all of this in quick succession ensured that he and his family of five lost the will to swim. You can find out the concrete events and consequences of the father’s conversation with the mayor of Brake today.

The fate of five-year-old Milla from Rechtsupweg (Aurich district) has touched many in recent months. He suffers from aplastic anemia, a disease of the hematopoietic system. Despite the new type of therapy, his health had recently deteriorated. But now there is good news. there is a stem cell donor. We report what this means for Milla and her family.

Heart valve surgery is one of those things that makes life so much easier for patients, and where the layman quickly realizes that maximum precision is essential. OP is now one of the most common heart surgery procedures in Germany, and technical advances ensure that patients get back on their feet faster. My colleague Anja Biewald was at the clinic in Oldenburg watching the operation. And Lisa Steenman even brought a video of the procedure with her.

On Friday evening, a 20-year-old mentally ill man threatened nursing staff with a knife in the emergency room of Witmund Hospital, then barricaded himself and injured himself. A large number of police officers were at the scene, especially since there were rumors of murders earlier. My colleagues at the Harlingerland Gazette are reporting today on how the police are carrying out such operations.


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