Majorcan resident and sports commentator Jörg Dahlman is part of Celebrity Big Brother.

Majorcan resident and sports commentator Jörg Dahlmann at will new season “Celebrity Big Brother” to be there. That’s what the host said sat 1 trending on Instagram this weekend. Dalman is the seventh candidate, who joined Menderes Baggi, 37, Popstars winner and Sido ex Doreen Steinert, 36, impersonator Jörg Knorr, 63, Jennifer Iglesias, 24, known for some trash talk TV shows, and boxing manager Rainer Gottwald, 56. ). has joined Sports reporter Jörg Dahlmann lives with his family Portals Nous, west of Palma. The new season of Celebrity Big Brother begins on November 18, Week 1 at 8:15 p.m.

He became a sports commentator Born in Gelsenkirchen in 1959 and grew up in Gladbeck. In the sports department of ZDF, where his career began, he reported, among other things World and European football championships and the Olympic Games. He has commented on numerous Champions League matches and worked as a commentator for Bundesliga matches, as well as presenting sport on breakfast television. The 63-year-old man was also employed by Sky pay TV channel. He got there, however, because of one thing accusation of racism in criticism. On March 6, in the match “Erzgebirge Aue” – “Hanover 96” (1:1), Jörg Dallmann commented on the final act of Sei Muroya (26), a player of Japanese 96, with the following words: “That would be his first goal for ’96. Dan he shot last in sushi land.’ Besides, Dallman had to because sexist statements to justify He caused a stir with controversial comments. Referring to Sofia Tomalla, the sports commentator said that he wouldn’t mind a “wrap-up night” with her.

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