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A week before the start of the World Cup, Musiala shines for Bayern at Schalke. Everyone admires the football genius who is one of the great hopes of the German tournament. He is compared with one of the greatest.

Jamal Musiala has wowed coaches, teammates and pundits with yet another global performance just before the start of his World Cup mission.

“He is already a polished diamond. He is worth gold to us in the national team and Bavaria also,” national team goalkeeper Manuel Neuer praised the 19-year-old football artist. “He is also a key player of the World Cup. A football player just makes a difference.”

When Bayern Munich scored 2-0 FC Schalke 04: Musiala shone as an attacking pace player and scored twice. Almost every attack went through exceptional talent. “It’s magical, it’s like Messi,” said the former world champion Lothar Mathews as an expert on the Sky TV channel. Musiala, who has been in top form for weeks, should play a central role in Qatar as well. In the current flow of the World Cup, he is a big trump card for Hansi Flick, maybe even the biggest one.

“Full focus on the DFB team”

The national coach had already gathered the players of his national team in Frankfurt am Main this Sunday. Shortly after this year’s final Bundesliga performance, Musiala’s social media profile read: “It’s a great feeling to win my 100th game for Bayern.” Now I am fully focused on the DFB team.

Musiala was the first U20 professional ever to break the 100-match mark for the record-breaking German champions. This alone shows the exceptional position that the young man has once again towards the sovereign leaders. Musiala has been instrumental in the Munich side doing well in the Bundesliga, Champions League and DFB Cup. “We have to keep playing the way we are now, then we will have a chance to win all the titles we can,” Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann said. Only you can win the championship.

Musiala described the 35-year-old as a “very important component” of his team. Above all, Nagelsmann praised the development of the turbo dribbler’s defensive work. “He had a great first half of the season,” said the coach and is convinced: “Only an injury can stop him, otherwise he will continue to perform as he has in recent weeks.” If Musiala succeeds in Qatar, he can become one of the biggest stars of the World Cup.

Like an experienced game designer

Speed, ball control and review like an experienced game designer. Musiala is currently showing this all game by game. Again and again he receives balls in his own half, drives. Near the opponent’s goal, Musiala currently finds an almost ideal balance between passing to a teammate in a better position or owning up. With nine goals, he is the best scorer of “Bayern” this season.

After ten consecutive victories in ten competitive games, Musiala is not the only one who is confident and in the best form going to the world tournament. Bayern’s slump in form in September seems like ages ago. “It’s important how the players play individually and that the momentum continues because we don’t have much time before the game against Japan,” said national team captain Neuer, looking ahead to the first World Cup group game. April 23 November.

Coach Nagelsmann deliberately wants to hold back during the World Cup. From time to time he will write to his players, he said. But he didn’t want to disturb Flick. “I won’t give any tactical instructions, instead I’ll find words of praise or words of encouragement depending on how things are going.” Words of praise will not be new to Musiala at present.

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