Letter to the editor. Kids should always have a choice, Bad Krozingen


We received this letter to the editor for Bud Crozinger’s report on school and daycare nutrition (BZ Nov. 10):

The photo accompanying the article shows just three mini carrots swimming in a sauce with pale peas, garnished with boiled potatoes that we hope may be local, as the pale peas and carrots appear to be canned. In my opinion, this composition cannot meet the energy needs of children in the long run. The meal should consist not only of carbohydrates and fats, but also contain proteins. Instead of consulting the local council about this, as happened in Freiburg, it would be better to consult nutritionists who understand something about it. Children should always have choices, they have likes and dislikes just like adults, even if it’s administrative work. Other canteens of the company also have to cope with this problem. You should also consider food subsidies, as many parents will soon no longer be able to afford these prices.

Waltraud Holzer-Schäfer, Freiburg

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