Leipzig does not want to lower the temperature in the pools any more ⋆ News from Leipzig

Street lighting, privacy waiver, room temperature. In the current energy crisis, there are many suggestions for how to prevent impending obstacles. Swimming pools are also subject to discussion. In response to the petition, the city hall of Leipzig clarified that it does not want the temperature to drop further.

The petitioner called for a review and withdrawal of the alleged drop in the temperature of the indoor pool to 24 degrees. “The children will freeze and will no longer participate in swimming lessons,” reads the text of the petition. “You will get sick and in the end you may not learn to swim, with all the consequences, which, of course, are not visible today.”

Temperature: 26 degrees

The temperature has not even been lowered to 24 degrees, the municipality writes in its statement regarding the petition, and such a step is not planned. Some media reported in July that the temperature will drop to 24 degrees. In fact, the temperature only dropped to 26 degrees.

The city finds itself in a conflict between making significant savings on the one hand and still providing acceptable temperatures, especially for children and the elderly, on the other. These are “particularly sensitive to temperature.” Already 26 degrees “is usually no longer within the range of comfortable temperatures”.

Leipzig wants to save 15 percent

In the summer, Leipzig presented a phased program of possible savings. The city is currently in the second of four phases. This means that energy should be saved by about 15 percent. “Savings of this magnitude cannot be achieved without all pool guests being aware of them,” the city said.

If additional savings occur, the temperature should not change. Instead, more drastic measures are threatened. “If the next phase is announced, the four pools in Elster West, North, Middle and Sports will be closed in stages.”

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