Kyiv will “swim in shame”.

State Duma deputy Andrey Gurulev mentioned Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s important infrastructures on state television.

The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is also under a massive attack by Russia.

The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is also under a massive attack by Russia.AP/Roman Hrytsyna

Russian airstrikes on Ukraine are increasingly hitting the country’s critical infrastructure. In recent days, electricity has been cut in several marzes, and now the electricity supply will be limited throughout the republic. State Duma deputy and campaigner Andrey Gurulev celebrated the Russian attacks on Russian state television. Focus reported.

“Without electricity, there is no water, no refrigerator, no sewage treatment. A week after resting, Kiev will be in a frenzy, pardon the expression. It is obvious that there will be a risk of an epidemic,” Gurulev said with a sad forecast for Ukraine.

War in Ukraine. Putin has declared a state of war

Russian troops should also attack railway junctions and “take out the control centers”, according to Gurulev. This is very important in the digital age. In targeted attacks on data centers and servers, “Ukrainian power supply systems and banking systems” could be controlled or shut down.

Meanwhile, President Vladimir Zelensky called for help to the citizens of his country. “We will do everything to restore the normal energy supply of our country,” he said in his video message on Wednesday evening. “But it takes time and our joint efforts with you.”

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared martial law in the four annexed regions, citing in part that Ukraine’s martial law was in effect there before the annexation.

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