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as of: 26.08.2022 20:04

Not to be outdone, women should now also be allowed to swim half-naked in Kiel’s city pools.

In the future, women will be allowed to swim half-naked in Kiel’s municipal swimming pools. The city council decided on this. According to the municipality, bathing rules for indoor and outdoor pools must now be revised to avoid gender inequality.

Cover only “primary sexual characteristics”.

Until now, the rules state that normal swimwear must be worn. The Council has replaced this wording with the wording that it is appropriate to wear a swimsuit that covers at least the main sexual characteristics. So breasts are not included.

The reason was that the previous regulation could disturb swimmers and crew and vulnerable people. For several months, the question of whether women’s breasts should always be covered in swimming pools was discussed in Germany.

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In Göttingen, the regulation applies to weekends. In the country, especially men consider the approach positive, the survey shows. more

A bikini top hangs over the pool railing.  © screenshot

The aim of the movement is to openly allow women to bathe half-naked. For now, Hamburg’s rules are vague. more

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