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Doping in German professional football. There is a suspicious case in Hamburger SV. Central defender Mario Vushkovic is under investigation. What are the implications for the player and HSV?

At the end of the first half of the second Bundesliga, the joy of 4:2 and thus secured the promotion place did not last long for Hamburger SV and its supporters.

Two hours after the game, the DFB and the club were shocked with a statement that has it all.

The 20-year-old centre-back tested positive for the substance erythropoietin (Epo) in a training test on September 16. “We have taken Mario Vushkovic out of training and games for the time being to protect him and the club from harm,” the club said. His absence from the match against Sandhausen was previously explained as “personal reasons”.

Suspect first

The team left Sunday morning for a nine-day training, competition and entertainment trip to California without Vushkovic. He applied for the opening of sample B and is preparing a statement. As long as Kausa Vushkovic is a suspicious case.

However, doping experts are not aware that Epo has previously been mixed with food or taken unknowingly with drugs used to treat any medical condition. “The rulebook distinguishes between specific and non-specific materials and methods. “The specific substances and methods mentioned in the rulebook are those substances and methods that the athlete is more likely to use for purposes other than performance enhancement,” said a Nada representative. “For non-specific substances, this probability is lower. Epo belongs to non-specific substances.” Food for thought. In endurance sports, Epo was used almost exclusively to enhance performance.

The standard sentence for doping offenses is four years. If the guilt is not proven, the penalty can be reduced. For 20-year-old Vushkovic, who is about to join the national team, a long suspension could mean the end of his sports career.

The prosecutor decided

In addition, the prosecutor’s office is investigating Vushkovic. He has to, because the anti-doping law has been in effect since December 2015. If the offense is confirmed, the U21 selection player also faces legal action.

The first high-profile case in Germany was professional boxer Felix Sturm, who was sentenced to prison for, among other things, violating anti-doping laws. On Friday, the police and the prosecutor’s office searched Vusković’s locker at the Volksparkstadion. Nothing was found, they said.

State investigations are of great value in doping investigations. “We want to know if it is a lone criminal or if there is someone behind it who runs the network. We are working closely with state investigative agencies,” a Nada spokesperson said.

Four wins with Vushkovic

Since the doping test on September 16, HSV has played eight second division games, including four wins (against Dusseldorf, Hannover, Paderborn and Regensburg) and one draw (Kaiserslautern). Can clubs that lose points from Hamburg appeal the ranking?

In 2016, the DFB adapted its match evaluation rules for anti-doping violations to those of the world association FIFA and UEFA, the European football union. Accordingly, a club should only be penalized “if the club can prove guilt or if more than two players on the team have violated anti-doping rules.” Since neither appears to be available, protests, which should have been filed no later than 48 hours after the incident became known, are probably not possible.

But if the doping violation is proven, then HSV will have to postpone the second half of the season. Despite his youth, Vuskovic is very important in Hamburg’s defensive game. He was always there this season until the positive test result.

The club signed a contract with the central defender in the summer for three million euros. Split talent Hajduk was on loan at HSV last season. With an estimated market value of five million euros, he is one of the best professionals in the second division. His loss will hurt HSV greatly.

Even without the Vuskovic issue, HSV are in for a difficult second half of the season. Table leaders Darmstadt 98 are unbeaten in 16 league games after holding Greuther Furth 1-1. HSV is down by two points, followed by 1. FC Heidenheim, who are also directly aiming for promotion. Behind them, a promising five are looking to move up: Kaiserslautern, Hannover, Paderborn, Dusseldorf and Kiel.

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