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Swim laps or jump from the tower. In Harburg this was not possible until now. But now there is a promise. Midsomerland Pool will also get a new pool as part of a planned refurbishment and upgrade.

Great joy for the “Yes-We Swim” initiative, which persistently campaigned for a training pool. He was last in Harburg in the 1990s. With the construction of the new outdoor swimming pool Midsommerland, other pools have moved away. Then the initiative became active and successfully collected signatures. Many discussions with the spa land, politicians and environmental authorities followed.

25-meter tracks and a three-meter jump are planned

As the environmental responsible body announced on Tuesday, a swimming pool with four 25-meter zones and one and three-meter diving boards is now planned. The SPD and Green parliamentary groups in Hamburg welcomed the decision. Because learning to swim is vital, says Mariam Blumenthal, Green Sports representative. The joy of Baderland is also great. “It is very gratifying that the cooperation between the initiative, the environmental authority, politics and Baderland has resulted in a very coherent concept for the expansion of the Kern-Harburg area, which is used by many,” said Dirk Schumeyer, CEO of Baederland.

A Midsommerland makeover from 2023 at the earliest

The extension of the hall with a new pool should be built in the western wing of the pool. Major renovations, upgrades and new construction cannot begin until 2023 at the earliest, according to a Baederland representative. From now on, the pool will remain closed for the time being. Once the new pool is complete, it should be used for private and school swimming lessons, health and club sports, as well as private swimming lessons.

The price is 30 million euros

About 30 million euros are planned for renovation and modernization. Of this, around 9.4 million is received by the environmental authority so that Harburg’s sports and leisure facilities can be maintained and expanded. These funds were approved on Tuesday in the Senate’s 2021/2022 supplemental budget. All additional costs are borne by the pool operator Baederland.

Midsommerland currently has a large adventure pool with a water slide, children’s pool and wading pool, as well as a thermal pool. There is also a 20 meter long heated swimming pool outside.

Additional information

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