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Champions SC Magdeburg missed out on a jump to second place in the handball Bundesliga but salvaged at least a point with a show of strength.

In the best match against “Rhine-Neckar Leuven” on Wednesday, coach Bennett Wiegert’s team registered a score of 32:32 (18:16). The world club champion with 15 points is still waiting, the lions played at least a temporary draw with the leader Berlin Fuchse with 17 points.

Saugstrup with last-minute compensation for Magdeburg

In the presence of 6449 spectators, the expected difficult match developed, in which neither team could break away throughout the game. Magnus Saugstrup provided Magdeburg’s much-lauded equalizer at the final whistle. Leuven player Albin Lagergren was recognized as the best shooter of the game with eight goals.

Off the field, defending champion Magdeburg had two reasons to be happy before the start of the match. National player Lucas Mertens and right winger Tim Hornke have extended their contracts until 2027 and 2026 respectively, the club announced. Both went largely unnoticed on Wednesday night and were able to put the damper on the title fight without getting in the way.

Anxieties at Fresh Up. Göppingen is growing. Lost to MT Melsungen on Wednesday evening with a score of 23:29 (15:13). Nebojša Simic, the goalkeeper of the guests, became decisive with his 49 percent of the balls scored.

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Handball Bundesliga, 11th game. worries at Frisch Auf! Göppingen is growing. Lost to MT Melsungen on Wednesday evening with a score of 23:29 (15:13). The guest’s goalkeeper became decisive.


Magdeburg – Rhine-Neckar Leuven 32:32 (18:16). – Gates. Smits (6/2) Jensen (5), Weber (5), Kristiansson (5), Magnusson (3/2), Mertens (2), Hornke (2) O’Sullivan (2), Peterson (1), Champions (1) For Magdeburg – Lagergren (7), Gensheimer (5/2), Kohlbacher (5), Knorr (4), Groecki (3), Jaganjak (3), West Kirkelockke (2), Nilsson (2), Helander (1) For the Rhine-Neckar.

It’s fresh! Göppingen – MT Melsungen 23:29 (15:13). – Gates. Hermann (4), Kneule (4), Brito Duarte (3), Blagotinschek (2), Schmidt (2), Lindenchron Andersen (2), Malus (2), Kozina (2), Sarak (1), Neudeck (1) ). For Göppingen – Hafner (6), Casado (4) Jonsson (4), Gomes (3), Arnarsson (3), Martinovic (3), Ignatov (3), Mandic (3) for Melsungen.


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