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During the coronavirus crisis, significantly fewer children learned to swim in school. The Senate’s response to the FDP’s request now shows just how dramatic Hamburg’s numbers are.

Before the coronavirus epidemic, almost two-thirds of all elementary school children in Hamburg were able to move safely in the water. they received their bronze badge during swimming lessons. It was in the 2018/2019 school year, the last school year before the coronavirus. After two years, only a good 40 percent have a bronze badge. The reason, according to the Senate, is many failed swimming lessons due to corona restrictions.

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AUDIO: Bronze badges plummet in Hamburg (1 minute)

The school board appeals to parents

These classes are not completed during school days. if you didn’t learn to swim in elementary school, you won’t have the chance to do so from 5th grade onward. Therefore, the school management calls on all parents to organize swimming lessons on their own. There are vouchers for this from the school management, and at Baederland the bronze badge classes are free.

The FDP requires a concept

That is not enough for the FDP. Your Citizen Representative, Sami Musa, says the Senate needs to come up with a new concept to keep two non-floating grades out of schools.

Additional information

Two children with armbands are sitting on the edge of an outdoor swimming pool.  © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Frank May

Thousands of children in Hamburg have to wait for swimming lessons. Therefore, DLRG requires swimming lessons at day care centers. (07/11/2022) more

A boy is swimming.  © photo alliance/dpa |  Matthias Balk Photo: Matthias Balk

There are few swimming lessons in Hamburg. The waiting time for children at DLRG is up to two years. Some parents are now trying their hand at swimming coaches. (07/11/2022) more

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